Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Charis Home By Greencity International College

Charis Home
Tucked away in the foothills of Selangor, lies Mantin.

A quiet town surrounded by lush greenery, things move a little slower in this small community. Originally named Setol, the town was affectionately nicknamed Mine Tin due to its abundance in mine by the Europeans. Locals mispronunciation then evolved its name to Mantin.
We arrived just an hours away from Kuala Lumpur and sat at the bottom of the hill was a chicken rice stall and mamak. As we made our way up, past a sugarcane field and dogs playfully barking at us we arrived at Charis Home. Upon arrival we felt the atmosphere as we were greeted with a warm smile by Esther and senior citizens waving as they were about to indulge in breakfast. About a dozen men and women live in this community home taken care by Esther and Pastora. Children are giggling and can be seen circled around the blue-tiled well, one of the girls is playing hand games with a man sat in his wheelchair. One can just have a glimpse of this humble home to feel the love and warmth it has.

Charis Home for the Elderly opened 15 years ago in Cheras, but a mere four years ago the institution moved to sunny Mantin where the air is much fresher and cooler. The corner house features a few male and female rooms that accommodate the old folks. The day to day are chores are fulfilled by the elderly themselves with the help of a cook for their daily meals, along with Esther and the Pastor who help with their spiritual, medical and general needs. Around the corner from Charis Home is an orphanage

On this excursion, we brought a team from Eco Club & Greencity International College as well as a few students to treat Charis home to a meal and show to make garbage enzymes as easy to make enzyme with multiple uses. Garbage enzymes are made simply with brown sugar, water and organic waste. Once fermented for a few months it can be used for multiple things such as cleaning, driving away insects and washing veggies! The kids crowded at the show table with eager eyes ready to get some hands on action to learn fully how garbage enzymes work. Shaking the bottles with full force, some even with two bottles in their hands!
We got to meet with Sally who told us about her aspirations of being a surgeon when she got older. A vibrant girl, she spoke about her love for cats and helping people. Her friend, a timid boy spoke about his dream of being a police and to catch bad guys. Esther’s encouragement for the children is heartfelt and this aura continues in the home.

Cooperating with Fleming. Events we were able to donate food, books, and other items to help with this home that continues to do good for themselves and the community. We would like to thank Fleming. Events, Charis Home and all of those who have helped to make this visit a success!

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