Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Visit Diamond Building, PutraJaya

Visit Diamond Building, PutraJaya
A diverse group of representatives from KAGC were welcomed to the Energy Commissions headquarters in PutraJaya on Tuesday morning.
Title: Visit to Diamond Building
Date: 12th July 2016 (Tuesday)
Time: 9.00 a.m – 12.00 p.m
Venue: Putrajaya

The Diamond Building, located in Precint 2, has been a remarkable effort in sustainable building as its philosophical and practical values are use in order to conceptualise an iconic eco office building. Students from Green Building and Green Technology Management in KAGC were accompanied by their lecturers to bring their classrooms to the real world and experience green technology and building in their own eyes.

Lecturers and students from Greencity International College were greeted by representatives the Energy Commissions in the lobby of the Diamond Building, where the morning sunlight was peeking into through the ‘diamond dome’ skylight. The Greencity International College  representatives were taken on an observational tour of their eco building where we were shown how Green Technology is practical, beautiful and most importantly sustainable for our Planet Earth. The details in the green architecture of the Diamond Building can be seen by how much natural sunlight brightens up the building. In fact, The Diamond Building is designed to obtain 50% of its daylight needs from natural lightning. The dome skylight is amongst many natural lighting venues in the building that showcase a laminated tempered glass that can filter and diffuse the daylight to provide glare-free daylight for the office during the day. Energy efficient lighting are also used throughout the building instead of the standard fluorescent tubes.

No detail goes unnoticed in the Energy Commissions HQ in order to help Mother Nature in being an eco-friendly building. The Diamond Building uses natural resources such as rainwater which is harvested for toilet flushing. This along with the manner of plumbing used reduces the water usage by 65%. Consideration is also taken to other factors that have benefits to the environment. Everything to the interior paint, to the carpeting is used with sustainable materials with a low VOC (volatile organic compound) emission.

The precise and thoughtful building designed by NR Architect of Kuala Lumpur has won the top prize in the ASEAN Energy Awards (AEA) for its energy-efficient structure that consumes one third of the amount of energy of a standard building its size. Also earning platinum ratings in Malaysia Green Building Index and Singapore’s Green Mark program this building does not go unnoticed by the public.

The excursion to HQ has given both students and lecturers alike at Greencity International College  a refreshing glimpse at how what they are learning and pursuing can result in an eco-friendly and masterful work of architecture.

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